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What is Document Scanning?

It is true that the majority of documents created nowadays are created and stored electronically. Nearly every organization however, has a large volume of documents that currently only exist in a paper format. Document Imaging or imaging, allows organizations to capture paper based information and convert it to electronic images that are stored in a computer electronically.

Automated Workflows

Streamline your Accounts Payable

Document Scanning Software

Paper and Electronic invoices

place a huge burden on accounting departments, and specifically the Accounts Payable (AP) personell. The pressure to quickly perform invoice processing through AP automation can relieve the pressure, allow the use of early pay discounts and reduce the cost of processing inbound documents. PSIGEN PSI:Capture provides a simple and efficient AP solution through the use of automated data extraction (ADE), and point and click OCR. Once invoice data is collected, a simple and efficient process can post line item information to any number of accounting systems and document repositories.

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Key Statistics - Document Scanning Software

Money Spent



processing invoices manually

Less Processing Time


Cost Savings

Time Spent



to retrieve and re-file a paper document

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At Sharp Electronics Group our approach to document management is to understand the current process involved in each situation and create automated workflows using both hardware and software solutions.

How does it work?

Document Scanning Software - introduction1

Scan Documents on MFD

Document Scanning Software - introduction2

Converted to searchable format

PDF, Excel or Word document file
Document Scanning Software - introduction3

Automated routing & Storage

Invoices sent to manager for approval of purchase, all documents are stored on a share database.
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Search for key words within files

No need to search a filing cabinet
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Capabilities without Complexity

Example : Process Automation for Accounts Payable

Document Scanning Software - Filebound
Document Scanning Software - Filebound
November 17, 2014
accounts payable workflows

Accounts Payable Automation Part 1

According to the white paper Automating AP/AR Financial Processes published by the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM), accounts payable continues to be an inefficient cost center for companies where, “leaving money on the table from missed discounts or disputed transactions, and slow collection can put huge pressure on cash flows.” […]
July 18, 2014

Document Scanning Software

In today’s economic environment, cost containment is key. A recent study found that 62% of responding Accounts Payable (AP) departments use a minimal amount of automated invoice data capture, meaning they manually enter invoices. In addition, 54% of respondents still use a manual process to capture data and facilitate the […]
Document Scanning Software