Meet Our Team: David Henry.

📎Introducing David Henry, who has worked in the Office Products industry for over 45 years. Over this time, David has experienced all aspects of the game, from working in the store, through to sales and management, and can truly call himself an industry expert! 🔥🔥🔥

⇒ What is your current role at OfficeTrend?
📎External Sales – Office Products. Years ago, our job was to be an ‘order taker’, so when I called on my customers, the order was written up in my book and when I got back to the office, I would write the order up on an order pad and then walk through to the warehouse for picking and packing.

These days, 90% of my customers place their orders over the web, so my role now is more about customer relationships and to look at strategies to increase sales.

⇒ How long have you been with OfficeTrend?
📎8 Years

⇒ What are the biggest developments you have seen in Office Product ranges?
📎The range of products available to customers these days – from general stationery items to IT, canteen, washroom and safety products – has expanded tenfold. Years ago, there were specialist companies selling these product, whereas know, we have one-stop-shops like OfficeTrend who are everything to everyone.

What have been some big changes in the Office Product industry?
📎Technology has had the biggest impact. Years ago we didn’t have computers so the purchasing of items, inventory, customer sales and customer orders were all paper based. Now processes are computer driven.

⇒Who would you most like to swap places with for a day and why?
📎Michael Jordan. I believe that he is probably one of the most talented & gifted athletes to have ever played basketball or any sport. 🏀 He is known as the GOAT – Greatest of All Time. He was awarded 6 times the MVP Award, 10 scoring titles, 5 MVP Awards, 14 NBA All Star Games selections, 3 All Star MVP Awards. His net worth is $1.65 Billion and he still makes around $100 million per annum through his Nike sponsorship and other products he endorses.
When I was in Chicago I was lucky enough to dine in his exclusive restaurant which is always booked out, and it was fine dining and an unbelievable experience, probably the best steak I have ever eaten!

⇒Have you seen him play?
📎I haven’t seen him play but in 2017 I visited Chicago and went to his home court where the Chicago Bulls play and they have erected a statue at the front of the stadium to commemorate his contribution to the Bulls. His singlet playing number, 23, has been retired as a mark of respect and that number will never be worn again by any other player on the Bulls roster. ♉️

⇒Do you play basketball yourself? ⛹🏻‍♂️🏀
📎I played basketball for around 30 years at the old basketball courts at Wickham and then at Broadmeadow when the new courts were built. Joel Anderson and I were on the same club team for a while and we celebrated a couple of grand final wins! 🥇

⇒What’s your favourite food?
📎Thai Food. 🌶

⇒What’s your favourite thing to do on weekends?
📎Spend time with family and friends.